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The foundational service provided by Henry Engagements is designed to support both short term and long term growth. Coaching packages are offered at various lengths to meet the desired need. As short as one month and as long as a year the Coaching model follow "Open Heart Leadership" model which was designed by the founder Dallas Henry.

Example Sessions include:

1. Open Heart Leadership

    Unlocking performance through servant leadership!

2. Career navigation principles

     Be the Captain of your ship and get where you want to be!

3. Successfully managing remote teams

     Key principles to make it easy!

4. How to create psychological safety for teams

     Safe teams are successful teams!

Reach out to us for a free meet and greet to learn more.


Either in person or virtual, these session a uniquely tailored to meet the needs of a team. Whether it is psychological safety, building communication tools or good old fashioned team building the Henry Engagements team will gives teams that extra push to move forward.

Example sessions include:

1. My how to manual

     Learning to work together!

2. Talent and intrigue

     What keeps teams engaged!

3. How to create true connection

     Grow close as a team and watch results skyrocket!

Reach out to us to learn about our full menu of session and pricing. 

menu of session and pricing. 

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As part of the services encompassed within Henry Engagements Dallas supports speaking engagements centered around leadership, personal growth and team building. Shrouded in lessons from the Army and the Tech industry, Dallas combines humor, stories from his past and doctrinal leadership study to coach and teach.

Reach out to connect and discuss topics / scheduling 


As industry continues to transition through the pandemic era, team building remains as critical as ever. Henry Engagements designs, plans and hosts both live and virtual offsites.

Reach out to us to discuss the planning process and pricing.

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